Friday, July 6, 2012

Juli Give Away Sponsored by Achter Online Shop

Hello Paper Quilling Lover,
Saya nemu link seru nih buat disimak dan juga ikutan..

July Giveaway sponsored by Achter Online Shop. Middy Stephanie, a lovely girl behind it, wants to give you 1 Red AquaPix, 2 Mustache Necklaces, and 2 Mustache Rings for 5 lucky readers.

How to win these cute little things?
1. Follow Ideku Handmade Blog
2. Follow Ideku Handmade Twitter
3. Follow Achter Online Shop Blog
4. Follow Achter Online Shop Twitter
5. Leave a comment about toy camera and put your e-mail
6. Put July Giveaway Button on your sidebar
7. Repost about this giveaway as much as you want

The 1st July Giveaway is open for Indonesian resident only. And I will sellect the winners randomly on July 19, 2012.



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